If a student changes levels (i.e. English 10H to English 10R or US History AP to US History Regents) the grades from the original class should be transferred to the new class and averaged in accordingly.


In the case of a level change involving an Honors, AP or SUPA class, teachers should use the weighted average for the course (i.e. 105 for Honors, AP or SUPA level).


If a student moved levels within the first five weeks of the quarter, previous grades should be averaged in with new grades.  Grades for course should be posted under the new course.  Teachers that received new students with level changes should consult with the previous teacher to ensure grades are transferred over correctly.


If the level change results in enrollment in a different course (i.e. Pre-calculus Honors to Introduction to College Math), students will be graded based on their work in the new class.