Report Cards are issued in November, January, March and at the end of June.  In addition to course grades, teachers will indicate student effort, attendance, mid-year or final examination grades, and other related comments.  The Guidance office sends a copy of each senior's second quarter report card to all colleges to which formal application has been made and a copy of the final report card to the school that the student will attend.


Interim Reports are also mailed to parents at approximately the middle of each marking period (usually October, December, March and May) or at any other time when a teacher wants to call a parent's attention to either unsatisfactory/failing work or performance which is improved or commendable.  Parents are encouraged to respond to these grade reports by contacting the teachers or the guidance counselor.

End of Marking Periods:

First Quarter:       Thursday, Nov. 10th

Second Quarter:  Friday, Jan. 27th

Third Quarter:      Friday, April 7th

Fourth Quarter:    Friday, June 23rd


Interim Reports: End of Interim Period

First Quarter:      Thursday, Oct. 13th

Second Quarter:  Thursday, Dec. 15th

Third Quarter:      Tuesday, March 7th

Fourth Quarter:   Wednesday, May 17th


Report Cards will be mailed within two weeks from the end of the marking period.