2006-2007 School Year


The purpose of the Society will be to:

•           Provide recognition of achievement in the study and practice of science at all levels.

•          Enhance knowledge and understanding of science among all levels of science students by promoting scholarship and enjoyment through activities at various appropriate levels.

•          Create enthusiasm for scholarship, strengthen skills leadership, promote, and develop character.

•          Foster collegiality, as well as develop maturity and independence, by providing students with the opportunity to come together with common purposes:  a commitment to service and a dedication to excellence.

•          Stimulate the desire to render service within the science department, school, and community.

•          Encourage students to seek careers in science and technology.

•          Encourage talented science students to help other students develop and interest and achievement in science.


Membership is open to any student who meets the following criteria:

•    Membership in this society shall be based upon science scholarship, service, and personal character.

•    To be eligible for selection to membership, the candidates must have successfully completed a minimum of four semesters or equivalent of high school/college science.

•    Candidates shall have a minimum science scholastic average of 85% or its equivalent.

•    Applicants for membership are required to have an overall scholastic average of 80% and a minimum average in high school/college mathematics of 75% or their equivalent.

•   The applicant must demonstrate exemplary character and citizenship.


Membership Responsibilities:

•          A member is required to complete a minimum of four years of highschool/college science.

•          Members will be expected to be active participants in chapter activities and other science-related activities, e.g. independent laboratory investigations, library research, science publications, science competitions, guest speaker’s forum, or environmental activities.  Peer tutoring and peer coaching are strongly encouraged.