Update on Plans for PMHS Seniors

Dr. Champ and Principal Berkowitz

Dear Families,

We want to thank you again for your constructive feedback and continued advocacy on behalf of the Class of 2021. As we committed to you over the past few days, we have re-examined our plans and continued to review our space in search of a workable solution to your concerns. We are excited to announce a revision to our previously announced plan that will allow all seniors who have selected in-person instruction to be on campus every day. 

The revision to this plan is as follows:

  • All Pelham seniors have the opportunity to report to school each day (except for those who have selected the fully virtual model)
  • Students will still be subdivided by Cohort according to the previously announced plans
  • On the days when a seniors’ subcohort was scheduled to be remote, students will have the opportunity to report to the library where they will attend their classes remotely seated 3-feet apart with their barriers. Students will need to use earphones to ensure all students in the library are able to learn with minimal disruption and will be expected to keep their cameras on when attending their classes
  • Where space allows due to absences students may be added into classrooms on a case-by-case basis 
  • In order to finalize planning and obtain needed supervision, these plans will begin on April 26 

We are excited to be able to offer this option to our seniors and hope that they will take advantage of this opportunity to be together as a class and with their peers. We hope that this experience will kick off a memorable end of the school year in which they can participate in the many rich traditions and rites of passage they deserve. 

Please also know that our work is not done. As promised, we will be meeting with our Reopening Advisory Task Force on Tuesday, and will continue to review our plans and available space during the week of April 26. If other viable options present themselves, we will adjust and take advantage of those opportunities. 

Thank you for your partnership and dedication to our students.

With Gratitude,

Cheryl H. Champ, Ed. D.

Superintendent of Schools

Mark Berkowitz

Principal, Pelham Memorial High School

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