NHS Induction 2019

The 2019-20 NHS inductees are shown
A student lights a candle at the NHS induction.
A student lights a candle at the NHS induction.
A student lights a candle at the NHS induction.
Students walk across the stage and receive their NHS certificates
Students and faculty sit up on the stage underneath the National Honor Society banner.

Congratulations to the 106 PMHS juniors and seniors who were inducted into the Knight and Lamp chapter of the National Honor Society on November 26. NHS is a service organization whose members excel at school and outside of the classroom. Students who are selected for membership must qualify academically and are reviewed by the faculty in terms of their scholarship, service, leadership and character. The faculty adviser for NHS is Mariana Cordero. The Class of 2020 officers are Asher Lal (President) and Lance Brady (Vice President) and the Class of 2021 officers are Aiden Levy (President) and Honor Durham (Vice President)

The induction ceremony also featured remarks from Board of Education Trustee Eileen Miller and a keynote address by Julia Chung, Assistant Superintendent for Pupil Personnel Services.


Emma Almo

Sara Almo

Lily Baxter 

Irene Beldiman 

Asia Bertuccioli 

Brett Bober 

Eliza Bratone 

Noah Breskin 

Flynn Bryan 

Jamie Burke 

Ella Burns 

Soren Bushong 

Lila Caminiti 

Matthew Cannella 

Virginia Capeci 

Nicholas Caruso 

Gabrielle Chavez 

Natalia Cherner 

Emma Colkin 

Georgia Connolly 

Finn Cork 

Katherine D’Adamo 

Jack D’Angelo 

Katherine D’Angelo 

Joseph DaProcida 

Julia Davis 

Claire Deeney 

Jack Denison 

Arthur Denner 

Myles DiFrisco 

Jack Dougherty 

William Doyle 

Jane Dunbar 

Honor Durham 

Lucy Edmunds 

Aidan Emery 

Anna Esteverena 

Kathryn Fair 

Allison Feldman 

Shannon Gardner 

Brooke Gates 

Grace Gilman 

Joshua Goldman 

Stephanie Gristina 

Nya Haseley 

Calvin Hoeh 

Emily Kalyvas

Oleksandr Kozytski 

Lucia Lavallee 

Jenna Lavan 

Dylan Lee 

Ethan Lee      

Nadine Leesang 

Sophia Leung 

Aiden Levy 

Gabriel Longoria 

Isabella Louro 

Emmett Mallach 

Nevan Malwana 

Dale Martin 

Juan Carlos Matos 

Conor Matz 

Collins Mbonu 

Elise McCarthy 

Javier Mendez 

Alison Milanese 

Steven Munn 

Alexandra Orlando 

Caleb Persanis 

Cristian Pesante 

Margot Phillips 

Nell Plunkett 

Laila Polito 

Alyssa Purcea 

Thomas Roche 

Katherine Roll 

Vanessa Rosado 

 Benjamin Schneider

Christian Shiels 

Ava Shotkoski

Sophia Shulzenko 

Marlen Singh 

Katharine Smith 

Caroline Spana 

Samuel Sucena 

Sofia Tahan 

Andrew Talamas 

Thomas Tapogna 

Andrew Terraciano 

Molly Terraciano 

Brianna Valencia 

Caroline Veteri 

Giovanna Vitale 

Carlo Volpe 

Margot Wies 

Zoe Winburn 

Jasmine Zaman 


Nicolas Franchini 

Bhakti Kulkarni 

Lucas Matos 

Zachary Morgan 

Spencer Nappi 

Mariza Sheldia

Rose Spagnulo 

Nicholas Tiso 

Daly Walsh