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PMHS Homecoming 2019

Photos from Homecoming Weekend

PMHS Cheerleaders during the varsity football game
The crowd at homecoming in the stands
Signs with the uniforms of field hockey seniors are hung on the fence in front of the bleachers
The vollyball team is shown seated on the floor dressed in bathrobes during the pep rally
A football player takes a hand-off during the game
A football player makes a one-handed catch
The field hockey team scores a goal during its homecoming game.
The field hockey team celebrates a goal
Paper uniforms and balloons are shown hung on the fence during the field hockey game
A girls' volleyball player sets the ball for one of her teammates
A girls' volleyball player spikes the ball
The Pelham varsity field hockey team dressed in firefighter uniforms
The girls' tennis team is shown seated on the floor for the pep rally
The cross country team is shown during the pep rally as the Pelican mascot throws its hands in the air.
The boys' soccer team is shown in video game costumes during the pep rally
Members of the girls' soccer team line up as a player crawls under their legs
The football team forms a bridge with pom poms as a cheerleader runs through
The football team huddles together during the pep rally
The cheerleaders perform for the students during the pep rally
A girls' volleyball player leaps for a spike