Site-Based Council


Each school has a site-based team made up of elected representatives whose overall goal is to improve student achievement. School councils are responsible for planning and making decisions on issues such as staffing, scheduling, school climate and school budget allocations. The high school council includes an additional community/parent member, two additional faculty members and two students. Each stakeholder group elects their own members.

The PTA is responsible for parent elections. A plan governing the school councils was developed by a committee of representatives from the school district and community in 1993 in accordance with the New York State A New Compact for Learning. The first work of the planning committee was the development of a vision statement that captured the aspirations of the educational community and set the course for the future direction of the Pelham Public Schools.

2022-23 Members


Mark Berkowitz, Principal
Assistant Principal, Dr. Kerri Titone


Irene Gruber, Teacher
Adrian Henry, Teacher


Nandini Anandu
Vanessa Felgner
Michael Middleton
Jennifer Silvester


Anderson Brady
Jamie Moskowitz