Yearbook Information

The Pelican
The Pelican Yearbook has received national recognition in creative concept, layout and design, photography and overall yearbook production from CSPA (Columbia Scholastic Press Association) and NSPA (National Scholastic Press Association). The Adviser of the 2021 Pelican is Jane Wals, and the Copy/Business Adviser is Bryan Sans.

To Order Your Copy of the 2021 Pelican:
Go to:
School Code: 4128
Early Bird Pricing is $85 per copy until November 2.
After Nov 2, the price is $100 per copy.
Books can be pre-ordered until January 15, 2021. After that, books will be sold while supplies last.

Name Plates, Protective Covers and the World Book are also available at an additional cost. Information is provided in the Order Center.

Yearbooks will be distributed in June.

School Portraits:
Grades 9-11

Photos will be taken during Phys Ed classes on November 30th, December 1st, 3rd, and 4th. A mailing will be sent home prior to Picture Days with information on how to order photo packages.

Senior Portraits:
Senior Portraits sittings take place at multiple times throughout the summer and fall. You will receive a mailing home with information on how to confirm your appointment with your student-specific code.
An example of the mailing can be seen here:

 PEL 08 03 18

To confirm or change your appointment date and time visit  

At any time, if you need additional assistance, please call 800-426-9533 ext.701, and follow the prompts to reschedule an appointment. For any questions or concerns, please contact the representative Ms. Phaedra Boardman with Lifetouch/Prestige Photos at 914-391-3599 or email


Senior Portrait Dates (all portrait sittings take place in Alumni Hall):

Wednesday, October 14,  12pm - 6pm (outside only)

Wednesday, October 21,  12pm -6pm (outside only) 

Tuesday, October 27,  2pm - 8pm  (indoor only) 

Wednesday, October 28,  2pm - 8pm  (indoor only)

Monday, January 11,  2pm - 8pm  (indoor only) 

Tuesday, January 12,  2pm - 8pm  (indoor only)

Wednesday, January 13,  2pm - 8pm  (indoor only)

Thursday, January 14,  2pm - 8pm  (indoor only)

Friday, January 15,  2pm - 8pm  (indoor only)

Monday, February 1,  2pm - 8pm  (indoor only)

Tuesday,February 2,  2pm - 8pm  (indoor only)

Wednesday, February 3,  2pm - 8pm  (indoor only)

Thursday, February 4,  2pm - 8pm  (indoor only)

Friday,February 5,  2pm - 8pm  (indoor only)

Once your photos are taken, you will be sent home a set of proofs. You can then follow the directions on the proof to order your photos, and select the photo you would like to be featured in the yearbook!

Senior Ads:

It is yearbook senior ad time at Pelham Memorial High School!  The deadline to order a senior ad is Monday, November 16th.

Click HERE to see what options are available.

For technical support, please call 877-362-7750 (Monday - Friday).

For pre-made ads, use the template option that is completely gray and does not include any text.

Thanks in advance,

2021 Pelican Staff
school order number: 4128


If you have questions regarding School Photos or ordering Yearbooks, please contact Bryan Sans at

If you have general Yearbook questions, OR would like to submit a photo/story idea to be included in the 2021Pelican, please contact Jane Wals at