Testing Procedures

  • Class examinations are given at the discretion of individual teachers throughout the year.  Only quizzes and exams that are legally excused will be allowed to be made up.  All make-up tests or quizzes may only be given during the student’s lunch or study hall period.  No make-up tests/quizzes can be given during class time.  All tests and quizzes must be made up within one week from absence unless prior arrangements have been made with the teacher.  Final project/final exam, Regents, and RCT examinations are given in all academic courses.
  • Students will not be admitted to a Regents examination in a laboratory science course if they have failed to complete a minimum of thirty laboratory exercises or their equivalent.
  • Students are responsible for being in their seats for all school-wide and Regents examinations 15 minutes prior to the start of the test.
  • Students are not permitted to bring papers, notes, books or other materials into the examination room, except for pens and pencils or mathematical necessities such as a ruler, compass or graphing calculator.  Once a student enters an examination room, all talking must stop.  If a student is ill and cannot take a school exam, the Office must be notified.  Make-up school exams will be provided in only the most exceptional of circumstances, and then only by permission of the administration.  There are no make-ups for Regents or RCT exams.  Students who fail to report for a scheduled exam without an excused reason for the absence will receive a grade of zero.
  • Students are not permitted to use or possess any communication device while taking an examination, either in the room where the test is being administered or while on a supervised break (such as a bathroom visit).  Such devices include, but are not limited to cellular phones, pagers, CD and audiocassette players, I-pods, radios, MP3 players, PDA’s, video devices, and associated headphones, headsets, microphones, or earplugs.  Use and/or possession of any such devices will invalidate the test and students will receive a zero. Therefore, you must not bring a cell phone or any communication device into the test room. Cell phones will be collected and distributed back to students at the end of the testing day.
  • During the course of the examination, students are reminded to read and follow directions carefully.  Blue or black ink should be used and corrections should be made by crossing out an incorrect response with a single line.  Cheating during an examination is a form of fraud.  Anyone who is identified as giving or receiving assistance during a test will be removed from the examination and escorted to the Main office where his/her parents will be notified immediately. The academic penalty for cheating is a grade of zero on the examination.

Test Waiver

A test waiver form is given to students who have more than two major tests in one day.  A major test is the equivalent of a unit or chapter test. Quizzes are not considered major tests.  Students must take the tests in the order they are assigned.  Thus, if a student has a major test in English and Social Studies and then a Math test is announced, the only test for which a waiver can be sought is the Math test.

Students must have all teachers sign this form at least 24 hours prior to the test date.  Test waiver forms are available from the guidance office.

Summer School Grade

Students must successfully complete 60 hours of remedial instruction at a State approved summer school in order to receive summer school credit.  If a student repeats a course in summer school both the original grade and the summer school grade will be recorded on the student's transcript and both will be incorporated in the student's grade point average.  A summer school grade does not replace the original course grade. 

If a student fails a Regents examination, he/she may take the examination again at a later date. If the second Regents exam grade is higher than the first, it will be entered on the student's transcript and the lower grade will be deleted. No adjustments will be made in the final course average as a result of an improved Regents score.

Report Cards

Report Cards are issued in November, January, March and at the end of June.  In addition to course grades, teachers will indicate student effort, attendance, mid-year or final examination grades, and other related comments.  The Guidance office sends a copy of each senior's second quarter report card to all colleges to which formal application has been made and a copy of the final report card to the school that the student will attend.

Interim Reports are also mailed to parents at approximately the middle of each marking period (usually October, December, March and May) or at any other time when a teacher wants to call a parent's attention to either unsatisfactory/failing work or performance which is improved or commendable.  Parents are encouraged to respond to these grade reports by contacting the teachers or the guidance counselor.

End of Marking Periods:

First Quarter:       Thursday, Nov. 9th

Second Quarter:  Thursday, Jan. 25th

Third Quarter:      Thursday, March 29th

Fourth Quarter:    Friday, June 8th

Interim Reports: End of Interim Period

First Quarter:      Wednesday, Oct. 11th

Second Quarter:  Friday, Dec. 15th

Third Quarter:      Thursday, March 1st

Fourth Quarter:   Wednesday, May 9th

Report Cards will be mailed within two weeks from the end of the marking period.