Social & Emotional


School counselors at the Pelham Public Schools engage in a holistic approach to working with our students. Our goal is to have students develop skills for personal growth. Academics, social pressures and the influences outside of the classroom all play a part in this process. We understand the impact and stress that come with being a young adult today, and we endeavor to help our students navigate through their high school years. Our doors are always open; we are available by appointment, or a walk-in basis for an emergency.

Student Assistance Counselor

A photo of Kelley-Anne Lonergan sitting at her desk.

Kelley-Anne Lonergan

Student Assistance Counselor Kelley-Anne Lonergan is available to assist with alcohol and/or other drug use. Parents, students, faculty, staff or community members may refer concerns to the student assistance counselor and all conversations are confidential.

The student assistance counselor can be reached via email or by calling 914-738-8110 ext. 1205. Her regular work days and hours are Monday - Friday 8 am - 3:30 pm. Her office is located in room 253A in the PMHS science wing.

More about the Student Assistance Counselor

Kelley-Anne Lonergan is a licensed Master of Social Work, with over four years of experience working with adolescents. She specializes in prevention and early intervention strategies with adolescents who are experiencing challenges related to alcohol and other drugs. Kelley-Anne is available to talk with 7th-12th grade students in individual and group counseling. Students can refer themselves for counseling, or can be referred by an administrator, teacher, coach, or parent. All services are voluntary and confidential. Throughout the year, she also conduct a Prevention Education Series in 8th and 10th grade health classes, as well as advises Pelham’s Youth to Youth clubs in the high school and middle school.

My office is 253A, located in the high school science wing.