World Language Department

The World Language Department seeks to create an environment that enables students to communicate in the target language, to negotiate cultural differences, to develop understandings of cultural and linguistic heritages, and to become lifelong language learners and world citizens.

I hope you find the resources about our academic program and extracurricular activities and opportunities enjoyable and informative.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any assistance.


Sean Llewellyn
Pelham Middle School Assistant Principal/World Language Coordinator


World Language Department Faculty

Teacher                      Language                Extension                    Email 

Scott Avena                French                        1377     

Anna Brown                Spanish                       1370         

Angela Calvelli            Spanish                       1114    

Elizabeth Caparotta    Italian                           1371

Louise Michaud         Latin                              1377  

Pia Fiorelli                   Spanish & French        1375    

Meryeme Gashi           ENL                              1378   

Regla Guzman            Spanish                        1373 

Yutong He                    Mandarin                      1374      

Christine Lavin             Spanish                         2220   

Ariadne Livaditis          French                          1372 

Jennifer Morovic          Spanish                        2220 

Christina Prignano      Italian & French              1376

Kathleen Vela              ENL                                -----