Awards & Recognition

World Language Department Awards

The Northeast Conference Award for Excellence in Language Study: French, Spanish, Italian.

The Ruth Yergin Award for Excellence in Latin is given to the senior who has the highest average in the study of four or more years of Latin.  Ms. Yergin taught Latin at Pelham Memorial High School for over 30 years, and the prize is maintained through contributions to the PMHS Gift Fund in her memory.

The Fieri Italian Language Achievement Award was established in 1985 to enable and encourage gifted students to pursue their educational goals. It is presented to a college-bound Italian American student who has excelled in the study of the Italian Language.

World Language Dedication Award – This award recognizes a senior who has demonstrated a true commitment and passion to the study of world languages throughout his/her high school career.

The World Language Plaque Award is given annually to students who have successfully completed at least seven years of study in one or more world languages.  It is the department's most prestigious award.


The Lawrence C. Ryan Prize 

The Lawrence C. Ryan Prize is awarded to a student in the senior class who most reflects the qualities Mr. Ryan exemplified in his 29 years at Pelham Memorial High School. These qualities include a dedication to and excellence in the study of Latin, a demonstrated interest in Roman culture, outstanding character, active participation in athletics or community service and an engaging sense of humor. Sponsored by  former Latin students and their parents along with Mr. Ryan’s family, friends and colleagues. 

2020 WLD Senior Awards

Northeast Award     

French Kathleen A. Heaney

Spanish Lance Brady  

Italian     Griffin Kingsley 


Ruth Yergin Award  (Latin)    - Rachel Elmer   

The Lawrence C. Ryan Award      - Arthur O’Sullivan 

SUPA Awards          

French Guy Eustace                            

Spanish            Elizabeth Potocki                    

Italian           Alyssa-Lynn Catalanotto         


Fieri Award    - Dylan Giglio

WLD Dedication Award -  Matyas Spunberg                                


2020 WLD Plaque Award



#of years total 

Languages and Levels

Ellianna Bryan

7 years

SUPA Spanish & Italian 2

Alyssa-Lynn Catalanotto

7 Years

SUPA Italian & Spanish 2

Guy Eustace

9 Years

Mandarin 4 & SUPA French 

Kathleen Heaney

8 Years

SUPA French & Spanish 3

Ava Juliano

8 Years

Mandarin 3 & SUPA Italian

Anna Larsen

7 Years

Mandarin 2 & SUPA Spanish

Nicholas Lieggi

8 Years

Mandarin 3 & SUPA Spanish

Justin O'Beirne

7 Years

Mandarin 2 & Italian 5

Camilla O’Keefe

9 years

AP Spanish & Italian 4

Pamela Pennetta

7 Years 

Mandarin 2 & Spanish 5 AP

Siobhan Sadler

7 years

Mandarin 2 & French 5

Matyas Spunberg

10 Years

SUPA French & SUPA Spanish

Cassie Ventura

7 Years

Mandarin 3 & Italian 4

Caroline Winston

9 Years

SUPA Spanish & Italian 4