National Honor Societies

Membership Selection Requirements & Induction Ceremony

The National FL Societies set forth their requirements for membership: a 90 or better in the induction year, an overall GPA of 80 or better and the promise of service to others in the form of tutoring.

All members must sign the Pelham Memorial HS Student Agreement for Participation in Athletics & Co-Curricular Activities.

Students become eligible to be inducted in levels IV and/or V based on the average of their first two quarter grades.

Our first induction was in 2007. 



General Information on Societies

Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica

Sponsored by: The American Association of Teachers of Spanish & Portuguese.

The AATSP was formally organized in 1953 as the Spanish National Honor Society. Its purpose is to recognize high student achievement in Spanish and Portuguese and to promote a continuity of interest in Hispanic Studies. 


Société Honoraire de Français

Sponsored by: The American Association of Teachers of French

The AATF was founded in 1927 to serve French teachers at all levels, from elementary school to graduate school. The organization helps promote the study of French and the cultures of French speaking countries.


Società Onoraria Italica

Sponsored by : The American Association of Teachers of Italian

The purpose of this organization is to stimulate interest in the study of Italian, to give recognition to scholarship achievement in Italian and to promote an understanding and appreciation of Italian culture and civilization.


The Pelham Memorial High School Latin Honor Society

Sponsored by: The National Junior Classical League

Formed in 1936, the National Junior Classical League (NJCL) is an organization of junior and senior high school students sponsored by the American Classical League.  Composed of Local and state/provincial chapters across the United States, Canada and Australia, it is the largest Classical organization in the world today with over 50,000 members.  Its purpose is to encourage an interest in and an appreciation of the language, literature and culture of ancient Greece and Rome and to impart an understanding of the debt of our own culture to that of Classical antiquity.  





2020 WL Honor Society Candidates

Pelham Memorial High School Chapter of La Société Honoraire de Français


Lily J. Baxter

Ethan Bletz-Teboul

Noah Breskin 

Lila Caminiti

Andrey Dermendhziev

Laurent-Leopold Kuehlwein

Mikaela Lavandero 

Alyssa Purcea

Christian Shiels

Katherine Smith

Margot Wies

Zoe Winburn


Pelham Memorial High School Chapter of the National Chinese Honor Society


 Kirsten Agbenyega 

 Jamie Burke 

 Jack  Denison

 Arthur Denner 

 Guy Eustace

 Ethan Lee

 Nadine Leesang

 Sophia Leung 

 Nevan Malwana

 Mila Panchich

 Emma Spencer


2020 Pelham Memorial High School

The Vittorio Emanuele Chapter of the Società Onoraria Italica


Amanda Boiano

Ella Burns

Matthew Cannella

Joseph Da Procida

Lucy Edmunds

Allison Feldman

James Nespole

Camilla O’Keefe

Nell Plunkett

Leila Polito

Caroline Spana

Caroline Veteri

Giovanna Vitale

Caitlin Woods


The Pelham Memorial High School Chapter of The American Classical League


Kimberley Barbian

Aiden C. Emery

Madeleine Long 

Dale A. Martin

Katherine G. Roll

Samantha A. Suazo  


The Federico García Lorca Chapter of La Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica 


Emma Almo

Sara Almo

Irene Beldiman

Asia Bertuccioli

Brett Bober

Flynn Bryan

Soren Bushong

Gabrielle Chavez

Natalia Cherner

Emma Colkin

Georgia Connolly

Jack D’Angelo

Julia Davis

Honor Durham

Shannon Gardner

Grace Gilman

Isabella Gouveia

Stephanie Gristina

Nya Haseley-Ayende

Calvin Hoeh

Emily Kalyvas

Lucia Lavallee

Jenna Lavan

Dylan Lee

Aiden Levy

Emily Maher

Elise McCarthy

Javier Mendez

Angelic Menzel

Alison Milanese

Zachary Morgan

Steven Munn

Christian Niñonuevo

Alexandra Orlando

Josephine Paterra

Natalie Pursel

Thomas Roche

Vinicius Rodrigues

Vanessa Rosado

Benjamin Schneider

Sophia Shulzhenko

Marlen Singh

Samuel Sucena

Andrew Talamas

Molly Terraciano

Jasmine Zaman